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Welcome to Efektus d.o.o., a company that is dedicated to offering some of the most popular brand names in toys, home design, gourmet, beauty, and fashion. Our company is aware of the fast development in our segment and we are committed to keeping up with the tempo. As a small company, we tend to keep our business process in superb and efficient condition to ensure that we maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

We pride ourselves on our competitive advantages, which include efficiency, excellent and prompt customer service, honesty, and loyalty. Our priority is to maintain the trust of our current customers and gain the trust of new ones. Our team has decades of experience in sales, buying, customer support, retail, and global online business. We also offer support and can help businesses start selling on global platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, and others.

At Efektus d.o.o., we focus on quality, not quantity. Our goal is to be a family-friendly company with a relaxed working space that maintains a high level of creativity in a non-stressed environment. We believe in providing the best for all human beings on this planet and strive to meet this goal with every product and service we offer. Thank you for choosing Efektus d.o.o., where quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

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Every person willing to try, deserves a chance, not all people are born under the lucky star or with the silver spoon in their mouth.

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