Who are we?

Efektus d.o.o. is offering some of the most popular brand names in toys, home design, gourme, beauty and fashion.

We are aware of fast development in our segment, so we are dedicated to keep up with the tempo. Since we are small company we tend to keep our business process in the superb and efficient condition. Our competitive advantages are efficienty, excellent and prompt customer service, honesty and loyalty. Our priority is to keep the good trust of our current customers, and to gain trust with new ones.

Our team has a decades of experiance in sales, buying, customer support, retail and global online business. We also offer support and can help business to start selling on global platforms as Amazon, Ebuy etc.

“We are focusing on quality not quantity”

Our goal is to be the famiily friendly company, with relaxed working space, to keep creativity at high level and to keep the non stressed environment, because we want best for all human beeings on this planet.

Our Mission

Our company was established to offer the best possible customer experience; to gain trust in customers, that they can feel their product is Eco friendly. We would like to make the Earth a better place, to leave it in a better condition than we found it.




If you would like to start selling on Amazon, Ebay etc. we can help…contact us and we can help you grow.

Creating Startups

Assistance for Startups


We can help young people start their first business and stay home mums earn extra money for the living.

New Career

Achieve success


If you are the person somehow lost in this world, we can help you find the way to begin your career and be the best in your field.

Every person willing to try, deserves a chance, not all people are borned under the lucky star or with the silver spoon in their mouth. Never give up!

AAA Certificate of Excellence


Čuri Muri d.o.o., Lishinu d.o.o., Čili Pipp d.o.o. Soline d.o.o., Luka Zajc Design – Spira Christmas Tree

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Company: Efektus d.o.o.

Zbilje 59L, 1215 Medvode

Registration number: 6993664000

VAT Number: SI 51023644